Years ago, when I was a little boy, I learned a most important lesson from my dad. I failed miserably times without number. On one occasion of my many failings, my dad kept his voice low (so mom would not hear) and tore into me. I was 17.

As much as I thought I was smart, I quickly learned I did not have what I thought I had. I was not a man.

What is a man? Is he a male who exercises and lifts weights (I do), but that does not make a man, not even close. Is he one who stands projecting an authoritative disposition? I learned hard lessons along this line also and I have seen many do this and fail to be a man. Is he young and strong and able to handle any threat that comes his way physically? Whatever value there is in that, that is not a man.

A man is one who is sure of his purpose, knows where he is going, how to get there and who to rely on to take him there. More than that, he is one who leads his family in the direction he is going (something that can be far more difficult that one realizes). That is the man I want to be and that is the man I intend on being. Mind you, I have had my struggles staying on the path set forth for me by the Lord. Knocked off, I tremble, but I get back on. What else can I do?

Paul said to the Corinthians, “Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong” (1 Cor. 16:13, ASV). We live in unsettled times. There are Christians who have voted for people who are currently in public office who are doing what they can to take away liberties belonging to citizens of this country.

Inch by inch.

There are Christians more aligned with a political party than they are the Lord’s virtuous ways. They would rather see one political party in office than vote for that other political party!

“I can’t stand them! They are not for the working man.”

“Oh, really? Though this is a lie, you would rather see innocent children killed in the womb because of this lie you’ve bought in to?”

Inch by inch.

Be strong, be a man.