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Who is dad? Let us consider on this Father’s Day who dad should be.

He is a man of Faith, that is, he is committed to the Lord Jesus and leads his family is the straight and narrow way. For a man who is a husband and father to not do this is to let his family down.

He is a man Assured of his direction in life. When much younger, many boys try to find their way in this world, what do they want to do, how will they make a living, by what philosophy will they live. This is something we all can relate to. Once he finds it, then lands safely on that directive path, he is assured where he is going and how to get there.

He is Thoughtful man. Not too much good can be said about a reactionary man, a person who reacts before thinking. There are times in life when one’s anger boils quickly, but it is during those times when slowness to respond is a matter of prudence and wisdom.

He is a Husband. When one thinks of Father’s Day, the children are to be the love-product of a father and mother, a man who loves and treats his wife as the Lord treats the church, loving and nourishing it.

He is a man who is Error-prone. With the positive qualities mentioned thus far, strange that I would include this negative characteristic, I suppose. Yet, it is very much true. Any man who truly knows himself knows he is a man of many failures. Because of this, going back to faith above, he relies on the Father of Glory to give him strength to carry on.

He is a man who is Reassuring. Just as the Father of Glory gives reassurance to him, so he is reassuring to those of his family that fail in their own responsibilities. More than that, however, he is reassuring with the many that he interacts, encouraging them, correcting them, being firm with them because he wants what is best for them, just as the Father of Glory does for humanity.

Tough to live up to? Not really when you think about the One to whom we must give an account—the Father of Glory. RT