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As mentioned in my previous post, what Paul wrote to Timothy, he wrote for the benefit of the congregation Timothy worked with in Ephesus (3:14-15). While the letter/epistle was written to Timothy in Ephesus, it was not to Ephesus only. The church in Ephesus was the recipient of instructions that pertains to all churches connected to the Lord Jesus.

In this contextual setting (2:8-15), the following is learned from the Holy Spirit. First, in a mixed assembly of males and females, the Christian men are to lead in prayer. Not just any male who identifies as a Christian, but one who lives a holy life, and it is reflected in the life lived. Second, in a mixed assembly, the women are to adorn themselves with modesty, that is, they are not to bring undue attention to themselves in that which they wear or in that which they do. Just as women can underdress, they can overdress also. Third, in a mixed assembly, the Christian men are to do the leading and teaching. In a mixed assembly, the women are not authorized to do either.

The Holy Spirit, through Paul, gave no qualifications to His instructions being limited to a first century setting or in a culture that has a different view of women than those in the days following the first century. Those who alter the Lord’s word on this matter will face these same words on judgment day. The males and females have roles in the family and in the body of Christ. Just as a male can’t be a mother, so a female can’t be a father. In the Lord’s church, with regard to leadership, the body of Christ would be for more harmonious and unified if each of us accepted the God-ordained roles set forth in Scripture.