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In the Lord’s church, the one church in the New Testament the Holy Spirit sanctioned to exist, there is a God-ordained role that a male has, and that a female has. For instance, when the church gathers together as an assembly to worship the Lord, the role of the female is NOT to usurp the role of the male (the male cannot grant her any liberty to do this when the Lord expressly prevents it). This is easily understood when one reads 1 Timothy 2.

It is also easily understood when we think about family roles. A woman can’t be a father or husband, neither can a male be a mother or wife. In our society, rampant with liberal and secular confusion, if there are role reversals in the family that seeks to alter what the Lord established, two things will surely occur: first, it upsets the God-ordained role for the respective males and females, which contributes in a major way to the corruption of the community, then society. Second, those who do so will answer to Him who set those roles in place to begin with.

What about the circumstances associated when a husband/father abandons the family (or vice-versa)? The disruption brought to the family by the one who abandoned will not escape the Lord’s attention/judgment. For those left behind, what is the wife/mother to do? She can only do the best she can with the tools given her. This is not something that calls for God’s judgment on her; instead, it calls for others to be compassionate and understanding. The Lord’s church can be of great help in this setting, even if there is lack of understanding about what can be done.