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There are many who try to make a difference in the world, but in the effort, they seek to change others without giving necessary attention to self. It’s much easier to give attention to the former than the latter. I suspect we all can relate to that.

Yet, we must give attention to it. What good is it if I seek to help you when I have failed to help myself? Jesus gave attention it, and I am sure He is not the only one.

These people are, otherwise, known as hypocrites. Hypocrites are not only in political offices, but they are also teachers in the classroom, CEOs in Board rooms, law enforcement officers on the street, they are everywhere. They are even “in the pulpit.” They are women who dress immodestly and complain when there are catcalls and speak against males who try to take advantage of that which they see. They are men who feign tenderness to get what they want, but only abuse when the prize is won. They are people who run for political office on moral grounds but are sinking in morass because the morality of their existence has no foundation.

With all this before us, and I am sure you see it, how then should I (and we) approach it? Begin by changing yourself. There is no better place to start. Take inventory; who are you, what do you stand for, why do you stand here and not there? Do you know where you’re going, and do you know the route to take to get there?

A second approach to take are in relation to the words of Jesus. His words here can’t be improved upon. I invite you to try. At best, all you’ll do is equal it in quality, but there will be NO improvement. When Jesus spoke to those to whom He came, among many things, He said this: “Then you must practice dealing with others as you would like for them to deal with you, for this is the summing up of the law and the prophets” (Mt. 7:12, ESV).

Take inventory about who you are, and be sure to start by making a difference, even a small difference in someone’s day. It will go a long way.