I remember, back in the early 70s, the popularity of “pet rocks.” I was not very smart back then (probably still not), but I had enough smarts in my junior high years to know that “pet rocks” was a dead matter,

Who would own a pet rock? Evidently, there is one born every minute.

What it gets to, I believe, is this: people struggle with being accepted by others. How so?

“I don’t want to look out of place, so I will pay more for a pair of jeans with holes in them than I will plain, ordinary jeans that have not been pre-washed and faded. If I pay for the style, then I will be accepted.”

Keeping up appearance may be something that is, on occasion, important. It is not important, however, in all respect, perhaps not even half the time. What is important all the time is being grounded in those things that control the direction one’s life travels. That never is out of style.