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How should a man look at a woman? As his equal, but with a much different role than his. She is his support as he leads; she makes the difference in his life. As they both lack something or many things, they both fill in the gaps to make a whole.

Her beauty at a young age will pass (as we all get wrinkled), but her virtue lingers long. Perhaps their romance is not as it was, but their love towards one another is still strong.

Her eyes do not wander, but are steady. She is a pillar of strength in the family. Ideally, her quality is developed when she is a little girl taught by a loving mother. When she grows up and is the light in a man’s eyes, she makes him much better. If not, however, as she is taught by the Lord, she now has an understanding of her role in her family and in God’s family.

She does not seek to replace him in his role, as he does not seek to replace her in her role. They both seek to accentuate that which the Lord gave. She loves her husband, nurtures him, and raises her children. It is her role as a mother that shapes the world. Without mom, men would be unbalanced.