One can never out give the Lord, but the wise man never tries. On the other hand, one who is stingy or takes away from one to punish another (or others) will soon have taken away even that which he has. In Proverbs 11:24-26, the theme of those three verses is related to the generosity of the one’s heart, or the lack thereof.

Even he who has little, if he scatters what he has to benefit others, he gets in return more than he had to start with. At the same time, there is one who withholds because of a desire to punish others not realizing he is the one who is poor in the Lord’s sight and will be punished himself.

Just as the one who scatters, the Lord looks upon him as rich because in his material blessings he seeks to help and support others. It reminds one of the words in Malachi 3:8 when the Lord’s people robbed God? How can one rob God? Here is what the Lord said, Can a person rob God? You indeed are robbing me, but you say, ‘How are we robbing you?’ In tithes and contributions! (New English Translation).

Contributions to the Lord’s cause is to be from the heart, the amount makes no difference to the Lord. On the other hand, when one contributes to the cause of his own heart, he loses.