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MARY: “She brings jobs to the community. She is such a nice lady, such a great neighbor. When I was in need, she was there to assist me and my family.

“When November comes, I will surely vote for her!”

PETE: “That’s your choice, of course, but are you aware she promotes the tearing down of the moral fabric of this country?”

MARY: “What are you talking about?”

PETE: “The Lord set forth at creation the basic foundations of a family; it begins begin with a male and female. That is the only context in which the natural order of procreation can occur. That is the Lord’s way, and those who try to alter that with the unnatural, such as your senator, stand in the Lord’s way, tearing down what He created, which is the moral fabric of society.”

MARY: “I don’t believe it!”

PETER: “Really?” Here you are.