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How should I look at what has been termed “the fairer sex”? Here is how I choose to look at them.

  1. They are worthy of protection. There is something virtuous in protecting those not as strong as a male. Thus, they are worthy to die for.
  2. They are worthy of deference. By this I mean, in so far as is possible, defer to her who has your heart. I have been married 39 years, and my deference to my wife has yet to fail me. As it turns out, that which I do to her, she returns to me.
  3. Understand that perfection is fleeting, but love is not. I still lift weights and workout the heart muscle, but as we get older, the muscles are not as strong and the skin is not as tight, and the aches and pain last a little longer. The quality of love, however, is much stronger.
  4. Though I am not consistent, when a females approaches a male to converse, let the male stand up, remove his cap, and say “Yes, Ma’am.” Let him give up his seat for her all the time. If anyone stands, let it be him.
  5. Never speak in such a way you would embarrass yourself in front of your mother. Let this be applied to being in the presence of any female. If you fail to do this, you are not much of a man.
  6. The male (husband, father) is the leader of the family, but the female (wife, mother) raises the children and, thus, shapes the world.

What happens if there is a female not worthy of any of this? No doubt, there are many females like this. First, have a default position like what I have suggested. Second, if/when you come across one like this, move on and don’t soil your name by descending into a way of thinking and behaving that brings discredit to your name. Third, she may look at you and take notice of how you respond to her, and change her mind.

It’s your choice.